The Jewel of The Lost City is the 5,000 square foot, multi-level, Laserblast laser tag arena. Designed by the leading laser tag consultant in the country, it has proven to be the most fun, challenging arena in West Michigan.

Laserblast Laser Tag.

Whether you are looking for a battle of two teams or a free-for-all game, laser tag is a social game, best played with lots of friends! Players enter the darkened, black lit arena with fog, music and lighting effects that all set the stage.

Players tag their opponents with blasts of the phaser beams. When you get zapped, you're simply deactivated for a few seconds, and then you're back in the action! At the end of the game, each player receives an individual scorecard showing the results of the action.

Fire Til You Tire.

If you're looking for things to do in Holland, Michigan, you've found it here at The Lost City! Enjoy all the laser tag you can play during a 3-hour session on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night.

Friday + Saturday Nights: 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Sunday Afternoons : 4:00pm to 7:00pm
*Note: hours may vary during Christmas Break, Spring Break and other holidays.

*Spots are limited, call ahead to reserve your spots. Maximum of 64 spots. After 20 spots are sold, players will rotate every other game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to play one game of laser tag?

The game process takes about 20 minutes and includes: a short video brief, vesting, playing, and a scoreboard recap.

How many people can play in one game of Laser Tag?

We can fit up to 34 people in a single game! Please call ahead to confirm availability.

Do I need a reservation to play Laser Tag?

We always like to know you're coming! (Particularly if you have a group) However, if you do come in without a reservation on a busy day, we will do our best to get you in a game, but priority will be given to those with reservations.

When do you offer FTYT? (Fire Til You Tire)

We offer FTYT every Friday and Saturday from 7PM-10PM, and Sunday from 4PM-7PM. Give us a call to reserve your spot today!