The Lost City maintains around 60 standing arcade games on its game floor, both brand new and vintage.

Win real tickets, use real tokens, and redeem fun prizes from our Ticket Redemption Center! We keep a live high-score board behind the front counter; beat the high score, win a free game of laser tag for your next visit! Come in and try your hand at some of the best arcade games around today.


How many tokens does each game take?

On average games take about 2 tokens to play, but each game is unique, so be sure to check the label posted on each game.

What do I do with my tickets?

Head to our Ticket Redemption Center and check out all of the awesome prizes we have available!

What is the best deal for tokens?

The more you buy, the more you save. Buy as few as 1 or as many you want! Be sure to ask an associate about our token pricing breakdown.